Top 5 Coupe/Convertibles With Second Row Leg Room

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Sep 272016

Who doesn’t like having a sporty vehicle that they can drive all over town? Well with these awesome options you’re going to have no problem with any of that because you’ll be riding in style and you’ll be able to take the family with you. That’s because these options are not only sporty but large enough for more than two people as well.


kia-forte-kuopoThe Kia Forte Koup is a nice little vehicle that still offers 35.9 inches of space in the second row. Because of its small size it gets great gas mileage, up to 34 miles per gallon, and it’s inexpensive, at less than $20,000. What’s better is the turbocharged engine, the advanced technology and some of the really great features that accent the look of this vehicle. You’re going to absolutely love it.


honda-civic-coupThis coupe is also pretty sleek and definitely plenty fast. You’ll be able to easily fit your whole family in the Honda Civic Coupe, especially with 35.9 inches of space in the second row. You’ll love the leather accents as well as the high-tech infotainment and the push button start as well. Plus you get a moonroof. What could be better than that?




scion-tcThis vehicle is always running some great specials and you’re going to want to get one of your own when you see them because the Scion tC is available at a great price along with the deals. You get 34.6 inches of space in the second row, a catchy design and some great gas mileage to boot.



honda-accord-coupThis vehicle is definitely more than its looks. The Honda Accord Coupe is stylish on the outside, but it really doesn’t look like a lot until you climb inside. With 33.7 inches of space in the second row it’s comfortable for more than just the driver, but the double screen infotainment system and all the flashy details are definitely making it something even better. You can definitely see yourself driving this car and when you get inside you won’t want to see anything else.


If you want a real muscle car that’s not going to cost you a fortune and is still going to give you seating for the whole family this is the vehicle you’re looking for. The Dodge Challenger offers seating for up to five and has 33.1 inches of space in the second row. Though not a lot, it’s definitely more than you’re getting in most sporty vehicles. Plus you get this vehicle at a lower price, less than $30,000. What could be better than that?