Jun 232016

images (2)Have you ever looked at your credit report and known something was wrong but weren’t able to do anything about it? Well the truth is that you actually can do something about it. A lot of people don’t realize it but their credit report is managed by people in the end and that means those people could make mistakes. They try to get all the information right and make sure that your report is accurate (remember the credit bureaus aren’t giving you anything or getting anything in return for keeping your credit score good or bad so they really don’t care either way). Sometimes, however, information doesn’t get reported properly or they get things mixed up. When that happens, you can challenge it.

You are allowed to contact the credit bureaus any time you look at your credit report and find something that isn’t right. It could be anything at all from your name, address, birthdate or employer to actual accounts reported on your page. What you want to do is make sure you’re looking over absolutely everything that’s reporting. You want to know everything about your accounts as well. So look at late payments, delinquent accounts, balances owed and anything else you can find to make sure it’s accurate according to what you know is on each of those accounts.

If you find something wrong you’re allowed to write directly to the credit bureau and let them know about it. You’ll need to include identifying information for yourself, which is usually your name and birthdate and maybe your social security number. Then you need to include as much identifying information about the account and what’s wrong with it as you can. That way they know what needs to be changed. It can take up to a month for them to make the changes but they should send you an updated credit report when they’re done or let you know why they aren’t making the changes if not.

If you get a letter saying they can’t verify what you’ve told them then it’s time to step things up. You can look up the information if you like and send it to them or you can simply tell them that they need to verify it better. Make sure that you don’t give up if something is wrong with your credit report. It’s illegal for them to leave anything there that they know is incorrect so you have the ability to just keep fighting it until you get those incorrect accounts removed from your report.

No matter what your credit score is going to affect the type of loans that you’re going to get. You don’t want to have a bad credit score keep you down when it shouldn’t. So make sure you get your report taking care of right away. Once you’re done make sure that you come back over here and check out this loan application for your next car. Even if you have bad credit you can get the loan you want.

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