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Do You Need to Sell Your Car Before Buying Another One?

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Nov 302016


Owning a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether simply for errands or maybe your job entails driving around town a lot, cars are one of the most useful inventions of mankind. Having your own car just makes your life more convenient compared to those who don’t have one.

Here are some important key points that you need to know about the process of selling your old car.

Fact # 1: Time Consuming

There will come a time that you need to buy a new car, and the conundrum that most car owners face is if whether they need to sell their old car before buying a new one. Actually, if you have a lot of connections that can help you sell your car right away then go for it. However if you don’t, it could take a while before you can find a buyer.

Fact # 2: Additional Expenses

Having said that, another issue that you will face is advertising your car. You would need to spend money for advertising expenses and to add, if you do find a potential buyer you have to allocate time and patience every time you meet potential buyers. Moreover, these people are just potential buyers and therefore you won’t have any guarantee of a sale

Fact # 3: Negotiations

If you decide to privately sell your car, then obviously your role is just like a car dealer. You need to look for people who are in need of a car and if you do find one, that’s when the real negotiation starts. Most of the time, car buyers looking for a used car like to haggle for a cheaper price and this could lead to you, not getting the value that you were expecting. Furthermore, if you have installed upgrades, it would be difficult to estimate its corresponding values With these things said, to put it simply, you will undergo a lot of hassles before actually selling your car.

Fact # 4: Ask Help From your Local Car Dealer

If you are really gearing up to sell your old car, especially if you are planning on using the money as down payment for the new car the fastest and most convenient way is letting your dealer sell your car. By doing so, you can receive immediate check or cash on the spot and it would be less stressful on your part. Although, if you trade-in your car, its appraised value is lesser compared to privately selling it.

On the bright side, trading a car will save you money in taxes. For instance, if the trade in value of your car is $9,000 and your new car’s purchase price is $20,000, you are only required to pay the difference. Therefore you would only pay tax on $11,000 instead of paying for the original amount. Plus, you won’t have to do stressful paperworks and the likes. This would save you time, energy and inconvenience.

If you are looking for a good dealer, visit this website here.

Top 5 Coupe/Convertibles With Second Row Leg Room

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Sep 272016

Who doesn’t like having a sporty vehicle that they can drive all over town? Well with these awesome options you’re going to have no problem with any of that because you’ll be riding in style and you’ll be able to take the family with you. That’s because these options are not only sporty but large enough for more than two people as well.


kia-forte-kuopoThe Kia Forte Koup is a nice little vehicle that still offers 35.9 inches of space in the second row. Because of its small size it gets great gas mileage, up to 34 miles per gallon, and it’s inexpensive, at less than $20,000. What’s better is the turbocharged engine, the advanced technology and some of the really great features that accent the look of this vehicle. You’re going to absolutely love it.


honda-civic-coupThis coupe is also pretty sleek and definitely plenty fast. You’ll be able to easily fit your whole family in the Honda Civic Coupe, especially with 35.9 inches of space in the second row. You’ll love the leather accents as well as the high-tech infotainment and the push button start as well. Plus you get a moonroof. What could be better than that?




scion-tcThis vehicle is always running some great specials and you’re going to want to get one of your own when you see them because the Scion tC is available at a great price along with the deals. You get 34.6 inches of space in the second row, a catchy design and some great gas mileage to boot.



honda-accord-coupThis vehicle is definitely more than its looks. The Honda Accord Coupe is stylish on the outside, but it really doesn’t look like a lot until you climb inside. With 33.7 inches of space in the second row it’s comfortable for more than just the driver, but the double screen infotainment system and all the flashy details are definitely making it something even better. You can definitely see yourself driving this car and when you get inside you won’t want to see anything else.


If you want a real muscle car that’s not going to cost you a fortune and is still going to give you seating for the whole family this is the vehicle you’re looking for. The Dodge Challenger offers seating for up to five and has 33.1 inches of space in the second row. Though not a lot, it’s definitely more than you’re getting in most sporty vehicles. Plus you get this vehicle at a lower price, less than $30,000. What could be better than that?


Fighting Problems On Your Credit Report

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Jun 232016

images (2)Have you ever looked at your credit report and known something was wrong but weren’t able to do anything about it? Well the truth is that you actually can do something about it. A lot of people don’t realize it but their credit report is managed by people in the end and that means those people could make mistakes. They try to get all the information right and make sure that your report is accurate (remember the credit bureaus aren’t giving you anything or getting anything in return for keeping your credit score good or bad so they really don’t care either way). Sometimes, however, information doesn’t get reported properly or they get things mixed up. When that happens, you can challenge it.

You are allowed to contact the credit bureaus any time you look at your credit report and find something that isn’t right. It could be anything at all from your name, address, birthdate or employer to actual accounts reported on your page. What you want to do is make sure you’re looking over absolutely everything that’s reporting. You want to know everything about your accounts as well. So look at late payments, delinquent accounts, balances owed and anything else you can find to make sure it’s accurate according to what you know is on each of those accounts.

If you find something wrong you’re allowed to write directly to the credit bureau and let them know about it. You’ll need to include identifying information for yourself, which is usually your name and birthdate and maybe your social security number. Then you need to include as much identifying information about the account and what’s wrong with it as you can. That way they know what needs to be changed. It can take up to a month for them to make the changes but they should send you an updated credit report when they’re done or let you know why they aren’t making the changes if not.

If you get a letter saying they can’t verify what you’ve told them then it’s time to step things up. You can look up the information if you like and send it to them or you can simply tell them that they need to verify it better. Make sure that you don’t give up if something is wrong with your credit report. It’s illegal for them to leave anything there that they know is incorrect so you have the ability to just keep fighting it until you get those incorrect accounts removed from your report.

No matter what your credit score is going to affect the type of loans that you’re going to get. You don’t want to have a bad credit score keep you down when it shouldn’t. So make sure you get your report taking care of right away. Once you’re done make sure that you come back over here and check out this loan application for your next car. Even if you have bad credit you can get the loan you want.

The Important Parts of an Auto Loan

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May 202016

If you’re going to get an auto loan from New Car Canada – Car Loans For Bad Credit you have to know what it really means. For a lot of people loans can be complicated and that means they don’t get the best possible deal on their loan and they end up paying a whole lot more money than they should. So what should you know about your loan before you sign on the dotted line and take on that expense? Well there are a few things you should consider.


Total Loan Amount

The first thing you need to know is the total amount of the loan you’re taking out. You want to know the exact number that you’re going to have to pay back (plus interest of course). Make sure you hash out all the details on the number you need and don’t take out anything more than you absolutely have to. You’re going to be paying interest on that amount after all. If you’re looking to get a loan for a new car make sure you check out some more information below!

total loan amount

The Loan Term

Find out how long you’re going to have the loan for. Is it a two year loan? Five years? 10 years? You want to know exactly how many years and months you have to pay off the loan in full and that’s going to impact how much you’re going to be paying each month as well. A longer term means you pay less each month but you’ll pay more interest overall.


The Monthly Payments

How much you’re going to be paying each month is going to be a math equation of the total loan amount divided by the loan term and multiplied by the interest amount that you’re getting. You want to know what your required monthly payment is going to be each month so you know whether or not you can actually afford it.

pay monthly

The Interest Rate

This is going to be an extremely important part because if you don’t know what your interest rate is going to be you could end up spending a lot more than you want to on your loan. The worse your credit is the higher your interest rate is going to be typically and this could be a problem if you don’t have a lot of money. On the other hand, if you get through the payments you’ll end up improving your credit score and that’s going to help you out later on.


The Extra Fees

Make sure you’re not paying a lot of extra fees just for someone to set up the loan. You don’t want to be paying more than you’re going to get in return and if you’re paying a fee for set up that’s exactly what you’re doing.


Getting a loan isn’t the hard part, making sure you’re getting a good deal and you’re not spending more than you need to is going to be the difficult part. So make sure you work out all the details and you know everything that’s going on before you sign on that line.